Powledge\ Pow.ledge \ 'pał-lej n [deriv. of nonstand Paulitsch]    1: a family surname of American origin, referring to descendants of Austrian immigrants, spec. Paulitsch     2:  a distinctive American family


Welcome to Powledge.com


If you have an interest in this family surname, then you've come to the right place.


This family web site was created in January 2007 as an out-growth of my Genealogy hobby, and the realization that every Powledge I've ever come across out there is at least remotely related.  Unlike the "Smith" and "Jones" surnames, "Powledge" ranks way down there on the popularity list (at 100,194th according to the 2000 USA Census) - which is great news for us Powledge Genealogy buffs!


It is my hope that this site might serve as a clearing house for those interested in the genealogy of the Powledge family and those families related to it.  Comments, Contributions, Criticisms and Corrections are always welcome.  Come back often for updates and changes as we build the site.